How to download windows 8 on mac using parallels

Install Windows on your Mac using Parallels Desktop

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  2. KB Parallels: Windows upgrade: step by step instructions and tips for Parallels Desktop users
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If you are running an earlier version of Parallels Desktop for Mac, visit this page to Download Windows 10 from Microsoft. For earlier versions of Windows, please refer to retail stores or authorized online resellers, including Amazon. Please note that Parallels Desktop does not include a Microsoft Windows license. Home or Pro.

Parallels Desktop 14 for Mac

Open Parallels Desktop. Windows installation files with an. If you are performing a new Windows installation, the. Please contact local retailer to request either a physical disc or an. Click Continue. In the Windows Product Key window, leave Express installation selected. If you uncheck Express installation, you will need to install Parallels Tools manually after the Windows installation.

To learn more about virtual machine profiles, visit KB If you want to change your default virtual machine settings select Customize settings before installation. These settings can also be changed easily after installation. Click Continue and Windows installation will begin. Once Windows is installed, launch it by opening a Windows application or by clicking the Power button in the Parallels Virtual Machines list. Please do not cancel or stop the installation process.

Once the Parallels Tools are installed, you will be prompted to restart Windows. For instructions, see KB How to create an.

KB Parallels: Windows upgrade: step by step instructions and tips for Parallels Desktop users

RSS feeds. Search Search. Available article translations: Install Windows on your Mac using Parallels Desktop. On the first screen, choose whether you want to keep your Windows settings, personal files, and apps. All options might not be available; see the compatibility table at the beginning of this article.

Install Now , Install by creating media , and Install later from your desktop. If you want to save your applications, be sure to choose Install now. Choosing Install by creating media will not give you an opportunity to keep files, programs and applications. On the next screen, accept the Microsoft Software License Agreement: Click Install. You're almost there. You may switch it to the Windows view mode by right-clicking the Windows Start menu icon and choosing Exit Coherence or by clicking the Parallels icon in the menu bar at the top of the screen and choosing Exit Coherence.

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Fast, Powerful, and Easy

The most popular articles Uninstall Parallels Desktop for Mac. The license server rejects it. All rights reserved. Legal Notices Terms of Use. Windows 7. Windows Vista. Windows XP.

Parallels Desktop for Mac registration and activation. Remove a virtual machine in Parallels Desktop for Mac. Thanks to ParallelsMac for making this unholy marriage so easy! Customization options are planned and contributions are welcome! You can then install Windows in the virtual machine, just as you would install any operating system on a regular computer.

Using Windows 8.1 with Parallels Desktop for Mac 9

Run multiple OSes at the same time, all on your Mac. There are several ways to install Windows or any other operating system in a virtual machine, and Parallels Desktop makes it easy to get started within minutes. Or you can provide your own Microsoft Windows license key, purchase Windows directly from within Parallels Desktop, or transfer an existing Boot Camp partition with Windows already installed. With Parallels Desktop, you can switch between Mac and Windows without ever needing to reboot your computer.

Windows 8.1 upgrade: step by step instructions and tips for Parallels Desktop users

If you have already installed Windows 10, Windows 8. Play your Windows-only game on a Mac using Parallels Desktop. Parallels Desktop even has a virtual machine setting dedicated to gaming to optimize performance. Download a free day trial of Parallels Desktop and see if your desired game is supported.


Parallels Desktop for Mac emulates PC hardware, so operating systems that are not present in this list can work as well. They are not on the list because we didn't test them in our lab yet or we found some critical issues. You can download Parallels Desktop Trial here and install an operating system of your choice and if it doesn't work and you believe it should be supported, let us know at Parallels Forum. Need Parallels Desktop for your team?

Check out Parallels Desktop Business Edition. Parallels offers exclusive discounts for educational students currently enrolled in a qualified educational institution or professional educators who are currently employed. How do I create a new virtual machine? Download Parallels Desktop. Open Parallels Desktop. Get Windows from Microsoft or install freely available operating systems such as Ubuntu, Fedora, or other Linux systems supported by Parallels Desktop. Parallels offers a day money-back guarantee on all purchases made on parallels. If you purchased this from another retailer, please check their return policy.

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