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  2. Posted on May 21, 2017 by Paul
  3. How do I install gcc and fortran on my Mac?
  4. How to use llvm-gcc on Yosemite / El Capitan - Qiita
How to compile C on Mac OS X with GCC installed

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What you'll need:

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This output also lets you know which version is the default and which one is the current one in use. To use a specific version 2. In many cases, Homebrew will provide helpful instructions for dealing with warnings and errors, and I usually follow those instructions.

Posted on May 21, 2017 by Paul

I've tried to cover the most common sources of warnings and errors. If you run into an issue I haven't mentioned, try looking it up in the Homebrew GitHub Issues , or Google the error message. If that doesn't help, contact me and I'll do my best to help you. After you fix each issue, run brew doctor until you get Your system is ready to brew. Then go to Step 3. If you get Warning: Every time you open a new Terminal window or tab,. See the important note in Step 1. If you get Error: You should copy and paste the command above as is. To learn more about any Unix command, type man for "manual" , followed by the command.

For example:. If a manual is longer than a page long, it will display a: To display one additional line at a time, press return. To display an additional page at a time, press the space bar. To quit at any time, press q. You'll have to delete each file it complains about one by one with the rm command.

How do I install gcc and fortran on my Mac?

For example, to remove a file called libgd. If you think you might need this version of Python, then just ignore those warnings. Otherwise, run the command below to remove that version of Python, but read this thread first.

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  7. How to use llvm-gcc-4.2 on Yosemite / El Capitan?

Homebrew messages are generally very helpful and they let you know exactly what to do. In this case, it is telling you to fix the linking issue by running brew unlink , followed by the tools or "brews" that need to be unlinked. Here, there is only one tool that needs to be unlinked.

Therefore, you should run this command:. If it listed more than one tool, you would add them to the command separated by a space, like so:. If you're installing RVM on a machine that has gpg installed which won't be the case on a new Mac , you will get a GPG signature verification failed error. Make sure to follow the instructions in the error message.

At the time of this writing, you will need to run the command below to download the signatures, after which you can go back to step 5 to install RVM. Now that. For initial RVM installations, the preferred way to do this is to quit and relaunch Terminal.

How to use llvm-gcc on Yosemite / El Capitan - Qiita

Otherwise, you can use the following command:. The instructions below are based on my experience in I've left them here for reference but I'm not sure if they still apply.

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For example, running rvm requirements used to provide instructions specific to your environment, but now it tries to install all the requirements for you. The screenshots below are examples of the kind of output rvm requirements would show. One is for Snow Leopard According to the requirements, we must first install libksba. Since Homebrew is updated regularly, it's advisable to run brew update before installing anything with Homebrew.