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  1. Add the page count to a document
  2. – Add a character/word count in the status bar
  3. Open Office Writer/ Micorsoft Word - Count the number of words in a document

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P3 Trivial with 92 votes vote. Show dependency tree. Attachments Add an attachment proposed patch, testcase, etc. It would be a great idea to add this info in the status bar under the document window. Best regards, Paolo Comment 1 michael. What I have done so far can be found in a template available from: When the custom status bar is displayed, information such as word and character counts for the entire document and the view cursor's current loaction characters from left and lines from top of page are displayed.

When a selection is made Word counts for the selection are dsiplayed. If a portion of the status bar was made available via the API then it would be easier to implement custom status information. James McKenzie Comment 6 jjmckenzie No all users want to look at the word count in their document. I am aware this is a piliminary, but a headsup for those who want to test it. It doesn't save in a template. It doesn't stay as a preference. It messes up dictionaries so they only will spellcheck in German Tends to crash Neo Office.

Doesn't save within a document once you close poof. So it's good for a demo run, but don't actually use the listed Macro with the intention of using it long-term. So don't take that Macro seriously It's a demo, as it said. I'd like to see this as a preference under preferences Be a good alternate to that useless "Word Count" one where you can't select the window behind it to get a word count.

Add the page count to a document

It beeps and then you have to type some more then activate it, close it, etc. I'll patiently wait for it. Thank you for the hard work on this. I met a journalist and meet this issue immediately.

– Add a character/word count in the status bar

The macro crash my OpenOffice 3. I am a student and need to see the word count in every essay and report I am writing. Having to stop what I'm doing -- and break my though process and generally get out of a writing head space -- to check word count through navigating menus is a constant pain. When at work, and working in Microsoft Office on the Macs there, every station has live word count enabled because it's literally one of the most often-used and necessary features in the program.

Aside from spell check, I don't think there's any other feature we use more on a daily basis. Also, because I've managed to find an OpenOffice macro that will provide live word count in a separate window, I don't see why it would be difficult to add this feature. The code is already there, just put it in the status bar at the bottom of the screen. It baffles me that this hasn't been done yet. Abiword has their own problem too, nothing is perfect, but it at least provides a dialog display word count AND the dialog is alive, you can keep it open when you are authoring.

I think abiword's shortage on multi-column layout and footnotes are not important to you. I'd perfer writing with left half of my screen and keep the word count dialog on the right half of the screen. This is a major issue for me, and while I understand the coding will take time, it would be great to have the macro to use before the next deadline. Does the macro you refer to allow typing while the live word count is open? I found an extension that does not Writer's Tools. You can find the code at http: You just have to copy and paste it into an empty file and save it as a.

It works great. It's in a tiny window that doesn't take up too much space I usually just move it to the bottom of the screen over the status bar, where it should be anyway. And for the person who recommended AbiWord. I've tried that before and don't care for it. I'm most using this on a laptop with limited screen space.

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I want my OOo Writer window to be maximized in the screen without any big, obtrusive overlay windows taking up too much space which AbiWord's live word count window did. I was extremely psyched to finally get the hell out of Microsoft's grip, but within seconds I was stymied by the lack of word count feature.

Open Office Writer/ Micorsoft Word - Count the number of words in a document

It's something I use on a literally second-to-second basis, both to see the current total word count and to highlight smaller sections that need whittling down. When you are dealing with very small word counts, it's far easier to edit things down or up to the desired number when you can see the count live.

I have a macro, which does help, but I'd far rather see the word count somewhere unobtrusive within the actual window. Open the document you want to analyze in OpenOffice Writer. References 2 Apache OpenOffice Wiki: Apache OpenOffice Wiki: About the Author Jacob Michael has been a freelance writer since , with expertise in computers, cooking, travel and other topics. Accessed 19 February Michael, Jacob. Small Business - Chron. Retrieved from http: